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 A cool moz

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A cool moz Empty
PostSubject: A cool moz   A cool moz EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:33 am

Normal Features;

-alot of scripts
-change mod from menu-forge-zombies-sniper tower
-working aimbot
-sexy graphics on visions
and more...

things that i deleted;
-change prestige

Epic Zombies features
-zombies are on fire when starting
-mystery box on nuketown and launch
-epic fog effect from quarantine chaos mod from mw2
-text effects lol not realy important but cool
-high jump- and no fall damage
-screaming zombies
-live hud
-different menu color
-different txt color
-11-buyable weapons
-6-buyables powers ups including; fire powers,jet pack, baricades ;P
-10-buyables perks
-fixed all lags
-fixed all bugs
-fixed command overflow bug
-last zombie survivor get a weird vision but cool
-fixed sniper tower bug
-fixed zombies lags
-added last survivor notification text
-survivors must be hitted by a zombie 2 times before they die
-300 health for zombies
-fixed ramdom command overflow while playing zombies
-i created 2 new powerups for multiplayer zombies;
-30 seconds Deathmachine(like on five)
-buyable health for survivors
v4 new things;
-u can now put the mystery boxes while playing any game mod by going on Vip/commands
-u can now spawn unlimitted crates for free by going on Vip/commands
-new notification texts that let everyone know who died
-mystery box on cracked
-new weapon; alien knife was added
V5 new stuffs;
-working stat editor
-working derank'
-working derank forever
-working rank up
-powerups from multiplayer zombies are now free for the host by going on vip/functions/

+DJCRISS- Scripts and patch
+Tony- Sniper tower
+nity- somes scripts
+trentlio- for creating multiplayer zombies
+TWLPWNER- some of his scripts
+xxxZombieGodxxx-working derank and stuffs
+xxxZombieGodxxx-Working stat editor

-sorry if its a spam

im updating my multiplayer zombies patch often soo feel free to give me somes ideas
im working on ;
-insta kill
-openable/closable doors
-breakables crates
-custom models
-custom sounds
-custom music , big thanx to TWLPWNER For releasing the topic!

updated link: http://adf.ly/2KEhx

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A cool moz
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