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PostSubject: -smiles-leaked-iso-mods#49   -smiles-leaked-iso-mods#49 EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 10:01 am

megaupload.com C1TWS5GU

All of the patches in this download are FULL VERSIONS. They are NOT Demo's.

This download includes:
Neuropathy v1.01
Black Ops Roll The Dice
Black Ops Duel Mod Menu
FXlegacy v3.00
FXlegacy with ProMod Game Mode
The First Ever MWR Patch
MWR Mod Menu v1.00
MWR Old School v1.10
Script for Duel Wield ThunderGun and Ray Gun in Zombies

Also, If anyone here knows how to get the Debug Menu in the Conduit 2...Please comment on this thread telling me. I've found out how to get SOME of the mods working in the Conduit 2, BUT No Debug Menu!

If you can please help me with I would appreciate it A LOT.

I would also like to release MANY cool codes and patches to this community.


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