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PostSubject: -JellyInjector-s-Black-Ops-Mods   -JellyInjector-s-Black-Ops-Mods EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:50 am

Here is a list of mods (I will be adding more when i make more):

If you dont know how to add mods, follow this tutorial on how to put the .ff file into the iso: http://www.codeleakers.com/showthrea...xlegacy-v1.00)

Roll the Dice v3
multiupload.com GDV0ZKYL31
-New in v3:
---Added 6 new rolls / Took out a few that didn't work
---Fixed up a lot of the rolls
---Hopefully fixed a little bit of the lag
-Special Thanks to:
---TLPwnzer - for making the base of it
---AZUMIKKEL - for the idea of Roll the Dice
-Current Rolls:
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