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Modding Tutorials

[TUT] how to install a mod menu by cheatss

[TUT] How to add stuff to fxlegacy by jellyinjector

Call of Duty Black Ops


fxlegacy v3.00 by andy_month (trentlio)

fxlegacy v1.00 by cheatss

fxlegacy v2.01 and v2.02 by sergiofcb95

fxlegacy v2.02 with jetpack, kill all, grim reaper and rolling thunder by cheatss

fxlegacy v2.10 with player controlled sentry gun by cheatss

fxlegacy v2.10 with player controlled sam turret and player controlled sentry gun by cheatss

Wormhole v1.00 by sergiofcb95

Wormhole v2.00 by sergiocfb95

Fx Legacy 2.02 (Aimbot,jetpack and more) by Cortez

Nity's Toggle Prestige Mod Menu by nity

fxlegacy v2.11 by juggernaut

Black & White by tlpwnzer

cheatss' edited mod menu's by cheatss

nity's mod menu by XG R4PiDzZ and nity

djcriss mod menu patch v4.0 by djcriss


neuropathy v1.00 by cheatss

neuropathy (beta) by cheatss

neuropathy v1.01 by sergiocfb95

[Fixed]Neuropathy v2.0 (For people who are having problems being host) by ShadowHacks

edited neuropathy v2.00 by notorious

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex


old school mod menu by sergiocfb95

updated old school mod by ZodiiaX

EliteNio 3.33 [MWR] Modpack by TheNiovi

Call of Duty World at War


mod menu by Andres.C

Other mods

Black Ops and MWR patches by smile

JellyInjector's Black Ops Mods by jellyinjector

hide & seek beta by xrnx

Prestige Toggle Patch for mod_menu by MaDc0w

Toggle Prestige by nity

Black Ops Edit Stats/Prestige working by nity

Bullies vs Nerds v1 by TheNiovi

11*tr3nts* Mods by 111tr3nt

protect the king by sergiocfb95

unlock pro perks by nity

dual mod menu with RTD, Zombies, and Aliens vs Marines by Xtermination
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