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  matthews mod menu

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 matthews mod menu    Empty
PostSubject: matthews mod menu     matthews mod menu    EmptyFri Jul 22, 2011 11:49 am

working!! and im hosting freee!!!

mediafire.com d218ses923nbd2i

its all free for vip but only 1 per match

i thought about it and said why charge people its just a game? so its all free my username is "matthew" no one else thx!!
matthews mod menu

host menu only

1.edited any player
kill, demote, promote, kill, teleport, freeze, ect.

2.command codes
god-mode, no-clip,give all.

xp-scale, change jump hight, change gravity, change team, thired person mode, change field of view.

4. functions
change your prestige,commite suside, change game type/forge/normal/zombies, get in chopper gunner, disco fog, unlock all perks, unlock 10,000 medels.

5. restart match

6.end match

vip options only

1.command codes
god-mode,give all.

thired person,field of view, xp scale

change prestige, commite suscide, teleport, unlock all perks and 10,000 medals.


1.command codes
god-mode mabey give all if you reguest

thired person mabey xp scale if your nice

3. functions
change prestige,commite sucside

stat editor
edit bassicly any of your black ops stats avalible!!

kill strecks
any kill streak avalble some are for free but most are for vip/host its marked kk!

costomize menu
change colors of menu


all press a to activate and to sclole menu press up or down it
all instructions are on scroll bar too
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matthews mod menu
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