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 Djchris v10 and i edited it and added ghost mode by cheesetoast

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PostSubject: Djchris v10 and i edited it and added ghost mode by cheesetoast    Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:54 am


this is my favorite of all his menus and it is edited to where i think of it as the best menu but i don't know what you guys think and also here are the gametypes it has

roll the dice
hid n seek

ok now here is what i added
i moved infections to standard options
i removed grim reapor and deathmachine from killstreaks
add added working deathmachine to standard options (it also says in iprintbold the persons name has a deathmachine to all
added grim reaper to standard options and also says what i said above
added teleport to standard options
added inverted vision to visions section
made it so only the host or co-host people could use dogs in the killstreaks menu
made it so standard people could also use stat editor
added ghost to gametypes because i saw he was wasting a lot of space with a gametype that wasn't even being used and it didn't work really well
reason for adding all these things to standard is so you don;t have to make everyone vip or co-host so they can have a few options and i say again it is only a few options and so they can stop complaining and and can be more fun so if you like nitys menu you will like this one better because i what it has also be careful with the balistic gun if you shoot it to close to you even with god mode it will kill you because of the massive amout of damage it does and
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Djchris v10 and i edited it and added ghost mode by cheesetoast
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