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 //FU2//LOADING'S Edited MOD MENU!!!

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//FU2//LOADING'S Edited MOD MENU!!!    Empty
PostSubject: //FU2//LOADING'S Edited MOD MENU!!!    //FU2//LOADING'S Edited MOD MENU!!!    EmptyFri Aug 05, 2011 7:46 am

The base of this mod menu had three gametypes:roll the dice, zombies, and hide and seek. I edited this mod menu alot.

Things added:

Flashing name
Better zombies
Better Zombies Store
Chaos Dogs
Custom Class Name Changer
Earthquake Script
Working Rank up
Working demote and demote forever

Things deleted:

Hide and Seek(tryin to find a smaller version so it will fit).
Inf Ammo to make flashing name and Custom Class Name Changer to fit
Ray Gun(Mac 11 with explosive bullets to make better zombies store and earthquake script fit)

Things to add to v2

Small version of Hide and seek
More infections
Unlock All Pro Perks(this one maybe in v1.5 if i make one)

Here is the link:
mediafire.com e6f6pwyt9un4ea9

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