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-trents-roll-the-dice-zombies-hide-and-seek-mod Empty
PostSubject: -trents-roll-the-dice-zombies-hide-and-seek-mod   -trents-roll-the-dice-zombies-hide-and-seek-mod EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:42 am


This mod has all of the above. You should be familiar with all of them (look at my other Hide and Seek mod for info on that).

These were made by Trent, Jellyinjector, and Azumikkel (idk about zombies).

Anyway, ive noticed that Roll the Dice, Zombies, and Hide and Seek work really good but Trents freezes ALOT. like for no reason too. Even if no one throws a tomohawk or ballistic, it still freezes the wii sometimes.

Anyway, its a pretty good combination, even without Trents mod.

This mod menu has all of the mentioned included in a single mod menu. Go to Admin->Function->Change Gametype to select between them. "Nitys Mod Menu" is Hide and Seek by the way..

To get out of Hide and Seek or Roll the Dice, just go back to the main menu, switch profiles (it helps) and then go back to your first profile for it to reset to Trents mod.



-King of Hax

By the way, I edited the other one i posted to make this one

*I reuploaded the link cuz Loading said it wasnt working*
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-trents-roll-the-dice-zombies-hide-and-seek-mod Empty
PostSubject: change   -trents-roll-the-dice-zombies-hide-and-seek-mod EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 11:36 pm

can u please change it to a file not a zipped file because my winrar wont extract it. Sad
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