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PostSubject: -the-original-hide-and-seek   -the-original-hide-and-seek EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:44 am

This is AZUMIKKEL's Hide and Seek, edited by me!

To play this, put the gametype on Search and Destroy!

Alright, theres two sides (obviously): the Hiders and the Seekers.

The Hiders:
Have a mod menu up with different elements of the map. They can be stuff such as manequins, bombs, and jeeps, and this changes per map.

The Seekers:
Respawn 30 secs later, and try to find abnormalities in the map. They shoot those abnormalities and if they find a Hider, it gives a hit marker and then a death.

Have fun!!


-King of Hax

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