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 Master Hacker KING OF HAX MOD MENU V4.00!!!

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Master Hacker KING OF HAX MOD MENU V4.00!!! Empty
PostSubject: Master Hacker KING OF HAX MOD MENU V4.00!!!   Master Hacker KING OF HAX MOD MENU V4.00!!! EmptyTue Aug 16, 2011 6:25 am

The highly anticipated Master Hacker KING OF HAX Mod Menu Edit V4 is out!!!

I totally redid the menu to include many more cool scripts and I deleted many things too.

***NOTE: I will be making a V4.5 because of the bugs in here (see below)***

*Normal (Mod Menu)
*Zombies (Multiplayer Zombies)
*Forge (Move objects around)
*Protect the President (self-explanatory)
*Juggernaut (Keep the bomb the longest)
*Sharp Shooter (Wager Match)
*One in the Chamber (Wager Match)
*Sticks and Stones (Wager Match)
*Gun Game (Wager Match)
***NOTE: To get out of wager matches or zombies, log out of your profile, sign in to a different profile, and then sign back in into your normal profile***

*Took out too many things to name
*WORKING AC130 Script (VIP Options)
*Flyable/Contrallable Plane (VIP Options)
*Better Chopper Gunner (rockets and gun) (VIP Options)
*The player menu (derank, teleport) and Change Gametypes is host only (so you dont have to worry about cohosts changing shit)
*Changed the Copyright/Flashing Name Text
*BUILT IN NITYS FORGE! (ADS at someone or an object exactly as host and you'll pick them up)
*Deleted Derank Player and substituted with Derank Forever + BAN!! (after you press it, they will be -16 prestige and will not be able to join public or private matches, therefore they have to delete their profile and make a new one!! Twisted Evil )
*BUILT IN NOCLIP! (Press right on dpad to activate/deactivate; Hold Jump button to fly around; CCP or Wiimote)
*Changed Color Scheme
*GOLDEN GUN MAKER DVAR: go to Keyboard Functions>Golden Gun and put whatever gun you want (i.e. aug_mp) and it'll make it golden!(: *Note: you might be able to only make the current gun you are holding golden*

*Crates are back due to popular demand!!
*Zombies now have nova gas when the spawn (to kill those pesky campers clown )

*Freezes for no reason sometimes (rarely)
*In zombies, the Zombie Store and Mod Menu (Prone+Knife) doesnt show up... I will try to fix it in V4.5.
*In Wager Matches modes, the game doesnt end = people have unlimited lives. You have to end the game manually. (i.e. after 3 deaths in One in the Chamber, your still alive and the games still going....)

Things to add to V4.5!
*Im pretty sure pro perks doesnt work so that'll get fixed
*Fix Zombie Store
*ReAdd Jetpack

All in all, with what I've been hearing from fellow testers, this mod menu is great and awesome!

LINK: http://adf.ly/2MkP8

Have fun and enjoy,
-Master Hacker KING OF HAX

Thanks to PAIN-Kiba for the Derank + Ban Script
Thanks to Tony for some ideas from his mod menu! Very Happy
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Master Hacker KING OF HAX MOD MENU V4.00!!!
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