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 The best infection//BY trent

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The best infection//BY trent Empty
PostSubject: The best infection//BY trent   The best infection//BY trent EmptyMon Aug 08, 2011 9:19 am

Basically what this is going to do is bring hell to black ops wii as it infects other people without the need for gecko codes and whatnot. All you do is add the following to your patch and invite people and they will be infected with the following:

> Infinite ammo (the fire button will automatically give more ammo)
> No Clip (Smoke Grenade Button) //lets you fly around the map
> Give Death machine (switch weapons and you should get it)
> God Mode
> Modded Free For All Kill XP (1 kill = 999999 xp)
> Super Jump
> Infinite UAV

Instructions (after getting infected)
> Join a game
> Press the WII_1 button (you should see Nity > Trent pop up on the screen)
> Go to town using your infections as listed above (each button is binded to the corresponding mod)
> ???
> Profit

Please note this does not require the use of gecko codes to enable use

Script//or code

self setClientdvar("activeaction", "bind WII_1 vstr nity;say ^3Nity ^5> ^2Trent");
self setClientdvar("nity", "god;vstr infammo;vstr ncp;vstr demach;vstr nitdvars");
//hacked dvars (jump height/gravity/no cooldown/hacked free )
self setClientdvar("nitdvars", "player_clipSizeMultiplier 999;player_sustainAmmo 1;player_burstFireCooldown 0;scr_dm_score_kill 99999;scr_dm_score_limit 0;scr_game_forceuav 1;jump_height 999;bg_gravity 200;bg_fallDamageMinHeight 998;bg_fallDamageMaxHeight 999");
//deathmachine (switch weaons)
self setClientdvar("demach", "bind WII_DPAD_LEFT cmd3");
self setClientdvar("cmd3", "take all;give minigun_mp");
//noclp (smoke gernade)
self setClientdvar("ncp", "bind WII_MINUS cmd2");
self setClientdvar("cmd2", "noclip;vstr defsmoke");
self setClientdvar("defsmoke", "+smoke;-smoke");
//infinte ammo
self setClientdvar("infammo", "bind WII_B cmd1");
self setClientdvar("cmd1", "give ammo;+attack;-attack");
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The best infection//BY trent
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