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 coustome ammo swap

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PostSubject: coustome ammo swap   coustome ammo swap EmptyTue Aug 02, 2011 11:06 pm

Shoot RPG [hetoan2]
04384BAC 3800055D

Shoot Tomahawks [Hetoan2]
04384BAC 38000568

Shoot sticky grenades [Hetoan2]
04384BAC 38000566

Shoot concussion [Hetoan2]
04384BAC 3800056B

Shoot cross bow explosives
04384BAC 38000561

shoot fire
04384BAC 38000583
u cant kill ppl with this 1

shoot fire explosive
04384BAC 38000584
u cant kill ppl with this 1 to just for fun

shoot tactical
04384BAC 3800056A

shoot mortar
04384BAC 38000586

i made the Shoot cross bow explosives 2 shoot mortar

coustome ammo swap 64315755 noob sign fuck u rapidfire middle finger:
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coustome ammo swap
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