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 how to get codes for geck os

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how to get codes for geck os Empty
PostSubject: how to get codes for geck os   how to get codes for geck os EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 3:48 am

make a codes file on sd card like how you made a apps folder and find codes use my site and place them in the gct convertor at
or use ocarina cheat code manager it is in downloads and keeps names of the files the game id .gct here is the game ids for call of duty games
do not put .gct if using geckocodes.org already does it and so does orcarina cheat code manager

blackops : SC7E52.gct

world at war :RVYE52.gct

modern warfare reflex : RJAE52.gct
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how to get codes for geck os
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