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-how-to-iso-mod-borrowed-from-cheesetoast-thought-it-was-easier-than-typing-all-this-myself Empty
PostSubject: -how-to-iso-mod-borrowed-from-cheesetoast-thought-it-was-easier-than-typing-all-this-myself   -how-to-iso-mod-borrowed-from-cheesetoast-thought-it-was-easier-than-typing-all-this-myself EmptyThu Jul 21, 2011 3:43 am

with a usb stick/hard drive

1.download usbloader gx mediafire.com sq91j11fd1hgpvn
2. Put it in your "apps" folder on your sd card
3. download wbfs manager http://wbfsmanager.codeplex.com/releases/view/26363
4. install wbfs manager
5. open wbfs manager
6. put in your usb (remember 100% of the files on your usb will be deleted)
7.click the drive tab in wbfs manager
8. select you drive letter
9. click "format" in wbfs manager
10. once you finished formating put the usb in you wii (the usb slot closest to the edge of your wii)
11. turn on your wii
12. open homebrew
13. open usb loader gx
14. put it your blackops game
15. a message should pop up click "install"
16. wait till its finished (this is putting the game on your usb btw you can do this for all your games if you usb is big enough (average of 2.50 gigs a game)
17. go to your computer
18. open wbfs manager
19. click your drive
20. click load
21. "Call of Duty: Black ops" should pop up in the list. right click the game and click "extract iso"
22. Save it somewhere where you will rememeber it
23. download trucha signer http://filetrip.net/f1729-Trucha-Signer-0-21.html ( the download link is on the right of the page)
24. extract it with winrar (right click the file and click extract here)
25. open "wiikeyset" file
26. open trucha signer
27. click "select keyset" tab in trucha signer
28. click "Custom KeySet 1"
29. click "image" tab in trucha signer
30. click open iso
31. find where blackops is and select the game (in trucha signer)
32. in trucha signer, go to "Disk> Partition>Root> Common_level_temp_mp
33. open you internet browser and go to cheesetoasthacks.tk
34. in cheesetoasthacks.tk go to mod menus and download a multiplayer mod menu and a zombies mod menu (not all multiplayer mod menus work if it works it will say "TESTED AND WORKS" by me in the comments and if it doesnt say that it doesnt mean it doesnt work it just means i never tested it)

35. In Trucha Signer right click the file "Common_level_temp_mp and click "replace"
36. find the mod multiplayer mod menu file you downloaded (common_level_temp_mp) and select the file in trucha signer
37. replace common_level_temp_zombie with the zombies mod menu you downloaded
38. scroll to the top of the page in trucha signer and right click "PARTITION (SC7E52)" and click "Trucha Sign It"
39. Close Trucha
40. Open WBFS Manager
41. click your drive letter and click "load"
42. delete blackops (remember you backed it up earlyier so dont worry)
43. Open the place where you saved blackops (remember i said save it to somewhere where you wont forget)
44. drag and drop blackops into the big box on the right and click "add to drive" or you can click the "browse" and serch for the game and then click add to drive
45. use configurable, wiiflow, wbfs or any usb loader to start your game

46. if you have never used a usb or burnt disk to play games then you need to install ios 249 rev 19.wad and install with wad manager then change your usb loader (like usbloader gx, configurable usb loader, wiiflow ect..) to load blackops with iso 249!

download ios 249 rev 19: megaupload.com R3QQZSK3
download wad manager (to install the ios):http://megaupload.com/?d=R3QQZSK3 (cut and paste the folder into your "apps" folder on your sd card)

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