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PostSubject: -tutorial-FOR-ALL-MAC-USERS-TRUCHA-IS-NOW-AVAILABLE!!!!!   -tutorial-FOR-ALL-MAC-USERS-TRUCHA-IS-NOW-AVAILABLE!!!!! EmptyWed Jul 20, 2011 9:57 am

This is a tutorial on how to get trucha working on macs
If you need any help whatsoever leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

first u will need a few programs
unrarx (winrar on mac)
trucha of coarse
and winebottler
I recommend you put all files on your desktop for easy access

ok first you will need to open the WineBottlerCombo_1.1.44dmg (this is the download)

put the wine file and winebottler file into your applications folder

ok when wine is installed open unrarx. click and drag the trucha.rar file into the program (this will unrar it). then put all the contents of the rar into a folder labeled trucha. next open the trucha.exe... you can choose ether to fun it or install it as an app. for your purpose justr run it, it will be faster. if it opens properly you should see this pop up:

this is good. press ok and lunch the finder app

click on your home folder (the one with the name of your computer) and find wine files or something like .wine or just has wine in the folder name. the folder that opens should look like this or something like it:

open user.reg with TextEdit and scroll down to the bottom!
Copy the code and paste it under the last line of user.reg
save it with file save or command s it doesn't matter just save it. now go back to trucha.exe and reopen it...trucha should open and you are now ready to start iso modding.

important please read:
please note however that you can use trucha im not sure about ff viewer working on a mac but if you team up with someone that has a pc like did you can use team viewer to transfer edited .ff files.

i hope this tutorial helps all you mac users on this site

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